Fall in love with our sake when you give it a try! All of our sake is “Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu,” a rare breed of sake that is unpasteurized, undiluted, and unfiltered, creating a “beautiful taste” — the definition of umami.


These include top rated sushi restaurants, as well as omakase Japanese restaurants on the Michelin.

Who Are We?

“The Art of Sake” by Nihonshu Oendan aims for people outside of Japan to truly taste, understand, and discover a love for real, “umami” sake, while also reviving historical family breweries in Japan.

The 78 year-old “Toji” (brew master) in our Shimane brewery.

Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu - the ultimate “Umami” Sake

All of our sake is “Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu,” the purest and freshest form of sake. It literally translates to “sake that is unfiltered, undiluted, and unpasteurized.” This very specific and extremely rare category of sake is categorized by “umami,” a word rooted in Zen Buddhism as “beautiful taste.” It is the point when a food or drink lives and exists in its natural order and has reached its full potential.

We make our sake through a brewing process that was used at the inception of sake making. We plant and harvest by hand. We brew by hand with highly skilled sake master. This pure process allows for sake to reach its full potential and, hence, umami.

The bottle of our sake, KAKEYA 2016, made in Shimane, Japan.

KAKEYA - available in the US from July 2016.

Using rice hand-planted locally, KAKEYA was brewed at Takeshita Honten, a 150 year-old family brewery in Shimane ̶ the birthplace of Sake known for clean air and pure water. Enjoy the real “umami” taste of the natural ingredients and the craftsmanship of a “Toji” ̶ brew master with 50+ years of brewing experience.

The bottle of our sake, NOTO 2016, made in Ishikawa, Japan.

NOTO - planning to bring to the US from early 2017

NOTO, a high grade Junmai Daiginjo, uses only local rice grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It was brewed at Kazuma Shuzo, a 150 year-old family brewery in Noto Peninsula, Japan’s 1st “World Farming Heritage.” The smooth “umami” taste that pairs exceptionally with fish and sushi is symbolic of the brewery’s location, a fisherman town famous for fresh fish.

If they succeed, it could show the way forward for many others in an industry that’s dominated by small, family-owned businesses.


What is Nihonshu Oendan’s “The Art of Sake”?

Nihonshu Oendan is a Japanese sake company whose mission is to brew & bring the purest, most authentic Japanese sake to the world while helping revive small historical sake breweries.

Nihonshu Oendan aims to bring the most authentic Japanese sake to the world.

Nihonshu Oendan was founded for a simple reason: we absolutely love sake. Sake is not merely a liquor. It is a representation of the beauty and exquisite craftsmanship in Japanese culture.

Unfortunately, sake consumption in Japan has been on a steady decline for decades. Thousands of traditional family breweries have gone out of business since the 1970s. With fewer and fewer breweries producing pure, unadulterated sake, people are increasingly associating sake with cheap, crude alcohol. We wanted to change that — to introduce truly great sake to more people and revive the art of sake.

Many small family sake breweries, who had been founded centuries ago, have stopped brewing because larger factories have run them out. But with this mass production over the years, quality of sake has taken a hit.

Takeshita Honten, a 150 year old family brewery located in the small village of Kakeya, with only 2,500 residents.

Nihonshu Oendan brews sake with these small family breweries across Japan and helps with distribution and marketing so that these breweries can not only continue their long tradition of sake brewing, but also thrive in the years to come.

Sake brewing at Kazuma Shuzo, a 150 year old family breweries in the Noto peninsula, Ishikawa, Japan.

We now work with four family breweries in four unique regions of Japan. We only brew what we believe is the absolute best and authentic type of sake: Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu.

Our aim is to produce the ultimate “umami” sake that best represents the “terroir” of each region, and the very best brewing techniques that these breweries have maintained and perfected over their long tradition and history.

Nihonshu Oendan now brews sake at four family breweries around Japan.

“The Art of Sake” is the name of our initiative to allow people outside of Japan to truly taste, experience and understand the craft of real, “umami” sake.

We need your help! If we can see interest for our sake, and for our mission to save and revive the art of sake, through signups to our waitlist or sharing on social media , we will be able to convince global shipment providers, distributors, and retailers to make our sake widely available in the US and other global markets.